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SM023 - Georgi Barrel - Down

SM023 – Georgi Barrel – Down

Next up on sinnmusik* is Georgi Barrel, who serves up a pair of hot new deep house tracks and gets remixed by a fine selection names including Adrian, Fasika and Whedler. German producer Barrel has already served up a couple of great Eps on this label but this might be his best yet. In original […]



Bis Boys Please round up sinnmusik*‘s top tunes of the past two years in this 1h sinncast* special mix.

SM022 - Adrian - Push Up

SM022 – Adrian – Push Up

Via London, Lisbon and Barcelona; sinnmusik* present the follow up to the second installment of their ‘Back ‘N Front’ series and releases from Jason Pepperell and Audio Units with another release from label affiliate and close friend Adrian. First appearing on the inaugural ‘Back ‘N’ Front’ release alongside Vague Recollection, the Barcelona based producer draws […]

SM021 - Jason Pepperell - Right Feel

SM021 – Jason Pepperell – Right Feel

Brighton resident Pepperell just has it. That RIGHT FEEL – which keeps you glued to his funky and deep garage and house workout vibes from beginning to end. His tracks maintain the raw style and warm sound-colour of the vintage days in production, combined with the playful production power of today. Out of the box […]

SM020 - Various Artists - Back‘N’Front Vol.2 - King Of Rats- Roman Mühlschlegel

SM020 – VA – Back‘N’Front Vol.2

After a stunning series of releases by the likes of Roman Mühlschlegel, King Of Rats, Fasika and Georgi Barrel, Barcelona-based label sinnmusik* continue where they left off here in the quality stakes. This time around, however, it’s an altogether different proposition, as the label gathers up some of their favourite producers (including the aforementioned names), […]


sinnmusik* has proven itself to be a fine purveyor of interesting and non standard House sounds in recent times.
~ Ian Fleming - DMC World Network ~
SM019 - Fasika - Atari

SM019 – Fasika – Atari

DC US house and techno maestro Fasika rewinds his style once again for sinnmusik*. The talented producer shows front to back where he is at. Mixing the heavy as much as heavenly vibe of analogue house and techno from early days with heavy doses of euphoria and nostalgia. His far-from-your-average- arrangement shines powerful, sweeping floors […]

SM018 - Audio Units - Memory Replay

SM018 – Audio Units – Memory Replay

The dynamic double that is Audio Units, hails from India’s thriving metropole Bangalore. With their city being dubbed the “City of Possibilities”, it is the guys taking chances as such. With their flawless and effortlessly cool house-sound, the Live/DJ- duo boasts analogue flavour, and keeps remembering us of how enlightening electronic music can be! With […]

SM017 - Adrian & Georgi Barrel - Back2BassKicks

SM017 – Adrian & Georgi Barrel – Back2BassKicks

Next up is a dream team collaboration of Adrian & Georgi Barrel. They provide one original each, as well as collaborating on a first rate single, and later in the year Adrian has his first solo EP coming on the label. Adrian is a Barcelona based, Dutch born producer whose house sounds take inspiration from […]


The label sinnmusik* have an admirable way of working. In short, they lean on the work of up-and-coming producers – as opposed to just drawing on the big names to make a fuss.
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SM016 - Various Artists - Back‘N’Front Vol.1 - Adrian - Vague Recollection

SM016/SINN004 – VA – Back‘N’Front Vol.1

Introducing a new series of 12”, various artist releases bringing together two auspicious names for the first installment; Barcelona based Adrian and collaborative duo, Vague Recollection. Starting as they mean to go on – the first in the series is a raucous concoction of rattling percussion and hefty low-end grooves. Assimilating experience DJing alongside the […]

SM015 - Fasika - 4th Law Of Motion

SM015 – Fasika – 4th Law Of Motion

Building on the success of his debut Warp EP in August 2013, Washington DC resident Fasika is back with another standout package that again subtly shows his love of house pioneers like Kerri Chandler and Eric Morillo. The US based producer here offers up four tracks that are designed for plenty of dancefloor action, but […]

SM014 - Georgi Barrel - Late Nite Foray

SM014/SINN003 – Georgi Barrel – Late Nite Foray

With his sinnmusik* debut receiving support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, John Digweed, Joyce Muniz and Shadow Child, label favourite Georgi Barrel returns with another batch of dusty samples and deep, infectious House grooves. The title track opens things up with full and rounded low-end bubbling under a rich entanglement of crowd noise and soft, […]

SM013 - Roman Mühlschlegel - Cloudy Business

SM013 – Roman Mühlschlegel – Cloudy Business

This latest release turns to fledgling German producer Roman Mühlschlegel, who delivers with vintage aplomb courtesy of a very special release, Cloudy Business. The EP features three dizzying, fresh house jams, all of which are cut from a vehement and discerning underground cloth. Easing us in is the more than capable strands of ”Saturday Night Fever”, Mühlschlegel’s […]

SM012 - Fasika - Renaissance

SM012 – Fasika – Renaissance

sinnmusik* welcome back, Fasika, for a follow up to his Warp EP. Due for release on the 10th of February, Renaissance is a colourful packet complete with remixes from the Netherlands based Quentin Van Honk and fellow label affiliate Aérotique working collaboratively with ShippeD. Renaissance opens up with plodding, reverberated organ riffs that circle above […]

SM011 - Vague Recollection - Desire

SM011 – Vague Recollection – Desire

We proudly present our 11th release with promising producer duo based in Brighton – Vague Recollection. Vague Recollection’s debut EP on sinnmusik*, ‘Desire’, intertwines a sultry bass-line, deep tension-building beats with irresistibly hypnotic vocals. The EP also includes two quality remixes by Gustavo Rodrigues (PT) and Fasika (US). Desire enters with a seductively light beat, quickly dropping […]

SM010 - Aérotique & Parra for Cuva - Unique

SM010 – Aérotique & Parra For Cuva – Unique

Swiss DJ and producer, Aérotique, releases ‘Unique’ EP on sinnmusik*, featuring a collaboration with German electronic music mogul, Parra for Cuva. sinnmusik*’s 10th release, ‘Unique’ includes three original tracks by Aérotique – ‘Gin Gin’, ‘Traumtänzer’ and ‘Coco Can’t Deny’, in addition to the title track, for which he joined forces with the Berlin-based whiz. Currently […]

SM009 - Bis Boys Please - The Untitled Satisfaction

SM009 – Bis Boys Please – The Untitled Satisfaction

‘The Untitled Satisfaction’ a hefty collection of forthright House and Electro forged with peak-time crowds in mind. The instrumental mix of ‘Lights’ carries a tangible crunch at the outset as it builds towards a capacious detuned synth-line. More effective bass tones punch in alongside additive hats and claps in the closer of a functional set […]

SM008 - Georgi Barrel - Ghetto Dinner

SM008/SINN002 – Georgi Barrel – Ghetto Dinner

With his roots set in Hip-Hop production, Georgi Barrel’s debut EP on sinnmusik* ‘Ghetto Dinner’ is a pack of roughly forged House grooves peppered with dusty percussion and soulful vocals Ghetto Dinner creeps forwards with frayed hanging swinging over swelling soft-synths and a potent 4/4 kick. Sidechained strings pulse above bluesy vocal chops that punctuate […]

SM007 - King Of Rats feat. Krystal - Lions Dining Out

SM007 – King Of Rats feat. Krystal – Lions Dining Out

King Of Rats is the newly formed collaborative effort of London based duo, DJ Quiz and Clé K. Their debut track, ‘Lions Dining Out’ features London songstress Krystal. The first in a set of delicately cosmic productions, the original winds up towards a breaksy low-end groove that swings and chugs below a tension-building tape hiss. […]

SM006 - SSOLSTICE - Diversion

SM006 – SSOLSTICE – Diversion

sinnmusik* presents SSOLSTICE. Exciting French newcomer debuts with the ‘Diversion‘ EP Originating in Brittany, SSOLSTICE embarked on his musical expedition just over a decade ago, initially experimenting with hip hop production. As a child of the 80s, however, a mounting appetite for dance music became increasingly difficult to deny, and his love for synthesized and […]

SM005 - Fasika - Warp EP

SM005 – Fasika – Warp EP

sinnmusik*’s fifth chapter presents another promising talent in the form of Washington DC resident ‘Fasika’. Taking inspiration from the likes of Kerri Chandler and Eric Morillo, his debut EP ‘Warp’ is a robust concoction of potent percussion, trademark keys stabs and hefty low-end grooves. The title track emerges slowly through cavernous ambience bringing with it […]

SM004 - Aérotique - Schwerelos

SM004 – Aérotique – Schwerelos

sinnmusik*’s fourth chapter continues with a four tracker from Aérotique. Headlining Aérotique’s second release is “Schwerelos“, a track with carefully texturized synth sounds and a pushy sub-bass. The heart of the track explores the delicate string arrangements and free-falling vocals alongside resonating, uplifting bongo beats. “Schwerelos” dives straight into the summer, with its fresh and […]

SM003 - Bis Boys Please - Le Début De Tout Remixed

SM003 – Bis Boys Please – Le Début De Tout Remixed

sinnmusik*’s third release is a remix-only follow up to their debut release by the Portuguese duo Bis Boys Please. Remixed by the minds of DJ Quiz, Javi Green and our very own Aérotique. This releaseneeds no introductions. DJ Quiz comes back into the game, after years of absence in the studio he brings the young […]

SM002 - Aérotique - Five Dollar Play EP

SM002 – Aérotique – Five Dollar Play

sinnmusik*’s second release is headlined by Swiss DJ, producer and remixer Aérotique. Aérotique is also the latest artist that has been signed to sinnmusik*. Currently living in Zurich, Aérotique has a solid base as a producer through his classic piano and percussion training. Five Dollar Play features five outstanding tracks in terms of structure, individuality […]

SM001 - Bis Boys Please - Le Début de Tout

SM001 – Bis Boys Please – Le Début De Tout

The young DJ duo Bis Boys Please (Afonso Gomes da Silva and Tomás Gaivão Ribeiro) from Lisbon have taken center stage at festivals such as Rock in Rio (Lisbon Edition), MTV/TMN “ISCTE GALA XXI”, as well as some of the most popular venues in Portugal and Rio de Janeiro. Their monthly radio podcast on iTunes […]