Various Artists Back'N'Front Vol.3

Jamie Trench | Georgi Barrel- Back'N'Front Vol.3

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  • Format: Limited 12″ Vinyl
  • Catalog Nr.: SINN005
  • Release Date: May 16, 2016

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sinnmusik* present their 5th vinyl in the form of a action packed split EP. The Back'N'Front series reaches it's 3rd edition with the help from Jamie Trench and label veteran Georgi Barrel. If you familiar with sinnmusik*'s output then you’ll have heard Jamie’s cracking EP for the label already and if not you are in for a treat as he opens the record up with a BUMP.

‘Bump’ is a drum work out that is tough and funky ready to assault the darker corners of clubland. It's the smaller elements that’s truly define this track as it weaves in and out of it's tense moments. Jamie's inherent knack for an infectious groove really give this track a life of its own. His other offering is ‘The LBO’. In this we see Jamie flexing his more melodic muscles with a tonally rich riff over a swarm of lush heavenly pads, think hazy late-summer parties.

Label mainstay Georgi Barrel opens up the flip with his ‘Cosmic Mysteries’. Complex synth work and a chunky sample-based feel steer this EP in a new direction, you feel the track breathing as it swells until it gets broody and deep towards the end.

Closing proceedings is ‘Misdemeanor’ this ends the record on a much softer note. A welcome change of pace to an EP that offers a well rounded set of sounds.
The last track is a very pretty and understated piece of house music. Soft pads, Tribal percussion, and an expertly worked vocal close off what is a fantastic new record from sinnmusik*.

Supported by:

Jamie & Matt (Saints & Sonnets / Leftroom / Dirt Crew / Made Fresh Daily) "LBO and Cosmic Mysteries are deece!"
Chris Fortier (Fade Records) "already on it"
Golf Clap ( Country Club Disco / Simma Black) "super deep. dig it"
Cinthie (Beste Modus / Watergate) "whoop whoop, Jamie again. love it!"
Alessio Collina (Trend Records / Be As One / ViVa Music) "misdemeanor for me, nice one! thnx"
The Mekanism (Play It Say It / 20/20 Vision) "cool ep!"
Hector Moralez (Apollonia / Get Physical / I'm House Gangster / Avotre / Robosoul / Roush) "tight, thanks!"
Hackman (20/20 Vision / Futureboogie) "Thanks, will play Bump"
Sirus Hood (Cuff / Tobus Limited) "Bump is super cool, thanks"
Waif & Strays (Leftroom / Of Unsound Mind) "The LBO is the one!"
Tensnake (Mirau / Defected / Running Back / Permanent Vacation) "smooth EP, thanks, lbo and cosmic mysteries are nice"
Javier Orduña (Rumors / Moda Black / Viva Music / Visionquest) "brilliant, super nice music! congratulations to Jamie and Georgi"
Sammy W & Alex E (CUFF / Tobus X & Limited / 8Bit) "Cool release, thank you for sending!"
Carlo Gambino (Midnight Social Recordings / Hot Waves / 3am / Low Tone) "Wicked EP! Love the whole release but it's all about Jamie's tracks here, both superb. Another one firmly in the bag. Support"
U Know The Drill (Slapfunk Records / Kakudo Records) "Bump is one hell of a bumper! :)"
Franco Bianco (Hypercolour / Dilek Records / Multivitamins / Unfoundsound) "Great release!!!! I will double check for my radio show at Delta FM 90.3, Buenos Aires and also on my upcoming gigs. Thanks for the music! :))"
ManooZ (Morris Audio / Extended Play / Housewax / ALiVE / Tomorrow Is Now Kid) "Misdemeanor (Original Mix) is smooth"
Jamie George (Rinse / Fat!) "nice from jamie. :-)"
James Dexter (Dessous Recordings / Holic Trax / Inermu / Bloop Radio) "LBO is cool, cheers"
SAKRO (Lake Placid / Housewax) "Amazing package, great tunes!, I really like Jamie's sound as always and also feeling a lot Misdemeanor. Gonna play it for sure. Thanks"
Mikki Funk (Made Fresh Daily / Music Is Love / Inner City) "Lovely stuff from JT as always! Nice to hear some more from Georgi Barrel too. Full support!"
Leandro Silva (Piston Recordings / Midnight Express Records) "Bump & Misdemeanor are great! Solid EP"
Carlos Valdes (22 Tracks) "Nice EP"
DJ Ionik (Traveller Records / Kojak Giant Sounds) ""Cosmic Mysteries" (Original Mix) shredssss!!"
Leigh D Oliver (Sordid Records / Inner City Records) "All good stuff - diggin em all. Thanks!"
Voyeur (Madhouse Records) "Massive"
Robbie Akbal (Culprit / Get Physical / No.19 / Supernature /Akbal Music) "really cool EP"
Reece Johnson (Roots for Bloom) "YES JT! big EP this."
Gemini Brothers (NANG / Nein Records / Tici Taci / Bear Funk) "Perfect summer EP! Right in the bag! Knew Jamie before but Georgi is a nice new name for me! Bravo!"
Sam Vanilla Ace (Toolroom / OFF recordings / LouLou / Erase / Nurvous / Suara) "Cool grooves"
Cassio Kohl (Music Is Love / Futureboogie Recordings) "Cheers I like Cosmic Mysteries"

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