Bis Boys Please Le Début De Tout Remixed

Bis Boys Please - Le Début De Tout Remixed ">

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  • Format: Digital
  • Catalog Nr.: SM003
  • Release Date: June 14, 2013

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sinnmusik*’s third release is a remix-only follow up to their debut release by the Portuguese duo Bis Boys Please. Remixed by the minds of DJ Quiz, Javi Green and our very own Aérotique. This releaseneeds no introductions.

DJ Quiz comes back into the game, after years of absence in the studio he brings the young vocal gun Krystal on board to fully replace the vocal samples on his remix.The results are fantastic. A true trip through different electronic genres without loosing its essential House touch.

Aérotique takes this monster-closing track and signs his remix with his calm, decelerated and unique style. The remix is shape shifting around the tracks unifying core with floating synths while the galloping beat keeps up the pace. This is a brilliant result for his debut as a skilled remixer.

Javi Green, the Balearic DJ, Producer and Remixer, has finally found time to dedicate himself in the studio and brings us his take on “Oscar Was Right” with pumping analog beats and fluffy grooves. A forward pushing instrumental remix with all the right ingredients to keep the dance floor moving and shaking.

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