Fasika Warp

Fasika - Warp

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  • Format: Digital
  • Catalog Nr.: SM005
  • Release Date: September 06, 2013

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sinnmusik*’s fifth chapter presents another promising talent in the form of Washington DC resident ‘Fasika’. Taking inspiration from the likes of Kerri Chandler and Eric Morillo, his debut EP ‘Warp’ is a robust concoction of potent percussion, trademark keys stabs and hefty low-end grooves.

The title track emerges slowly through cavernous ambience bringing with it a taught and powerful kick, brash hats and a crunching clap. Yawning sweeps, additive bass tones and a menacing motif build a dense and colourful mix that exemplifies Fasika’s knack for filling floors perfectly.

Circles’ gambols into a slightly more jovial groove as clipped vocal cuts and multiple synth lines dart over a varied and weighty bass line. Clever sequencing thickens and thins the mix with additive percussive lines working throughout to maintain a rich and vigorous intensity.

June Bug’ drives a long-tailed kick under a propulsive hammond riff that’s treated throughout to progress towards intelligently plotted rises and drops. Drenched in reverb, shimmering synths and textures sit behind a relentless groove that snowballs throughout.

Kidu’s Jam’ sends a wrecking ball into the collection as a rough-edged synth pattern savagely wraps around a whipping clap, eerie truncated vocals and winding string sweeps. In exemplary fashion, low-end frequencies dip in and out keeping things pinned firmly to the dance-floor.

Finally, ‘Raw’ blends together a characteristic recipe of keys stabs, deft sampling and a forceful kick. Grooving bongo flashes, glacial percussive flicks and swung rhythms bring together a cohesive collection of prime-time House grooves that showcase a promising talent in Fasika.

Supported by:

Laurent Garnier “Great trippy house ep- Full support ”
Shadow Child “circles is cool”
dMIT .RY “Classic house action on this ep, great vibes. Looking forward to drop it in the clubs”
Joyce Muniz “cool stuff !!”
Beta Boy “Great stuff here. Deep & Dub. Circles & Kidu's Jam. Excellent”
Stephen Hernandez “FUNKY EP!!! CONGRATS”
Sacha Robotti // Robosonic “nasty!”
Still Rob G “Solid stuff here all around. Oddly familiar, strikingly different. Love Circles, June Bug, but they're all really great. Cheers!”
Maksymilian Galasiewicz “Wooo, that EP is massive. Love ALL sounds here. Can't wait to play Warp, Circles and Kidu's Jam! Looking for more from new talent Fasika! Thanks.”
dubble d/moodymanc “nice vibes here... will check further thanks...”
Tim Red “yes! liking the entirety of this - good work!”

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