King of Rats feat. Krystal Lions Dining Out

King of Rats feat. Krystal - Lions Dining Out ">

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  • Format: Digital
  • Catalog Nr.: SM007
  • Release Date: October 11, 2013

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King Of Rats is the newly formed collaborative effort of London based duo, DJ Quiz and Clé K. Their debut track, 'Lions Dining Out' features London songstress Krystal.

The first in a set of delicately cosmic productions, the original winds up towards a breaksy low-end groove that swings and chugs below a tension-building tape hiss. A high-pass rise climbs ahead of a plunge into a deep vocal hook and a capacious 3-note bass synth sequence that aims Lions Dining Out firmly toward the dance floor.

What continues to unfold is a melodically varied and deeply musical blend of yawning synths and sharply tuned percussion that build a mix drenched in colour and soul. A striking vault into silence precedes a full reprise of the vocals and a galvanised 3-note bass sequence that pushes the track forth to it's close.

Rico Casazza's remix shoots a hallucinatory injection into the remix package as it gambols into a complex and playful rhythmic pattern rich with immaculately plotted droplets and pin- sharp glitches that dance above a forceful 4/4 kick.

The truncated bass pattern, stuttered vocal cuts and copious percussive layers fortify what is effectively a warped, Tech-House take on the original certainly set to bend minds on the dance floor.

DJ Quiz's own take on his original sheds a deep space disco glow into the package sinking listeners further into an intergalactic excursion. Gently layered pad drones and darting rhythmic synth patterns cohesively thicken and thin, giving way to the gently filtered vocals. Holding an end-of-set quality, DJ Quiz's remix continues to breath in and out with filters, space-echo and long-tailed reverberated signals sitting above hypnotic rhythms and a driving bass-line that allows the track to drift whilst effectively anchoring it to the floor.

Supported by:

Justin Sloe “nice groove feel to the Rico Casazza remix. The DJ Quiz remix is proper too”
hrdvsion “nice one!”
Shadow Child “quiz remix is perfect for radio thankyou!”
Benoit C “nice ep”
Laurent N. “The 2 remix are top for me : nice stuff. Will play & Full Support.”
dMIT .RY “Nice techy melodic release, original reminds of some works by Scuba a bit.”
Blu “Huge”
Various / Rinse “Very nice that Dj Quiz Mix ! Chartin / Playin”
AFFKT “ this music is totally what I have on mind nowadays! so good.”
RinseFm “Reallly like this Ep, fully supporting this one :)) thanks”
Ben Cox “Rico C's mix the one for me. Dubby, bumpy, garage-inspired deep house biz. Wicked! Thanks.”
Shaun “Excellent pack! DJ Quiz remix is fantastic.”
Sam Hopkins “Killer tune; dig the original mix and Quiz' spacey take. Killer track & edit, and they'll definitely find a home on our playlists!”

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