Georgi Barrel Ghetto Dinner

Georgi Barrel - Ghetto Dinner

Release Details

  • Format: Digital & Limited 12" Vinyl
  • Catalog Nr.: SM008/SINN002
  • Release Date: November 01, 2013

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With his roots set in Hip-Hop production, Georgi Barrel’s debut EP on sinnmusik*Ghetto Dinner’ is a pack of roughly forged House grooves peppered with dusty percussion and soulful vocals.

Ghetto Dinner creeps forwards with frayed hanging swinging over swelling soft-synths and a potent 4/4 kick. Sidechained strings pulse above bluesy vocal chops that punctuate dips into a complex and floor-ready bass-line.

Der Schmeisser adds to a solid back catalogue of releases working alongside Der Tietz on their interpretation of Ghetto Dinner. Plunging deeper still, their remix grows as a dense low-end pulse wades through a thickly spread synth drone. Percussion layers gradually with a climbing motif and breathing sweeps escalating tension throughout.

The Moody Lover feels slightly more boisterous from the outset with a rising keys motif holding the focus as shuffling ride cymbals decorate the corners of the mix. Rough hats and a crunchy clap build towards a floor-filling vocal line guaranteed to do the business.

Fellow sinnmusik* sibling MusikMowgl and Adrian’s collaborative remix of The Moody Lover dims the lights on the original slightly by planting a ferocious sub under sharpened hats and sportive low-end synth lines.

Supported by:

AFFKT “sounds super! will play it. ”
Advokkat “Great EP - The moddy lover is dope. Many thanks”
Tom Findlay “moody lover rmx has a great vibe”
Shadow Child “great EP - rinse support for sure..”
Neil Quigley “LOVE LOVE LOVE the Der Tietz & Schmeisser remix, right up my strasse!”
Alland Byallo “Der Tietz & Schmeisser is quite cool! The Adrian & MusikMowgl mix is fun too.”
Kai Smash “both original and remix are dope”
Joyce Muniz “nice ep , cool remixes ”
Samuel Bailey “wicked”
Kiko Martínez “EXCELLENT”
Igor Marijuan “great stuff”
Stephen Hernandez “Ghetto Dinner is a scorcher served on a platter!! Love it!!”

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