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  • Format: Digital
  • Catalog Nr.: SM010
  • Release Date: November 29, 2013

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Swiss DJ and producer, Aérotique, releases ‘Unique’ EP on sinnmusik*, featuring a collaboration with German electronic music mogul, Parra for Cuva.

sinnmusik*’s 10th release, ‘Unique’ includes three original tracks by Aérotique – ‘Gin Gin’, ‘Traumtänzer’ and ‘Coco Can’t Deny’, in addition to the title track, for which he joined forces with the Berlin-based whiz.

Currently living in Zurich, Aérotique is a classically-trained pianist and percussionist who applies his musicianship to the production of deep and soulful house music.

The ‘Unique’ EP is his second release, following his debut with the acclaimed ‘Five Dollar Play’ earlier this year.

As a whole, the ‘Unique’ EP boasts four outstanding tracks in terms of melody, structure and individuality. Unquestionably a work of soulful house, it fuses heads-down, late-night beats with moments of sun-kissed afternoon relaxation. Drawing inspiration from his work with Parra for Cuva, Aérotique has created a soundtrack that would fit perfectly the blissed-out, open-air nightclubs that he had in mind throughout the production process.

Gin Gin’ and ‘Coco Can’t Deny’ are perhaps the tracks that are most symbolic of Aérotique’s summertime mood on the EP. Somewhat less energetic and more laid back than the rest of the release, ‘Gin Gin’ is built on layers of developing percussion with tranquil piano keys that set an uplifting yet poignant tone. ‘Coco Can’t Deny’ offers a similarly chilled-out vibe, albeit with a livelier kick and an inescapable sense of fun, reminiscent of good times by the pool bar.

Traumtänzer’ is even more buoyant, exploring an array of upbeat and emotional sounds, with a pulsating bassline that makes it the most dancefloor-led cut on the EP.

Despite the mastery of his solo work, Aérotique has cited his collaboration with Parra for Cuva on the title track as his favourite recording on the release. Simply getting the opportunity to work alongside “such a fantastic Berlin producer” was an honour for Aérotique, and after the recent triumph of Parra for Cuva’s ‘Fading Nights’ on Delicieuse Records, he knew that they could create something special if they pooled their talents in the studio, however the result was even more exceptional than he had hoped.

“Parra for Cuva and I celebrate the track already,” remarks Aérotique, explaining that they have received overwhelming feedback for ‘Unique’ since Para for Cuva began to include it in his sets across Europe in recent weeks. Undeniably, this is the track that defines and coordinates the overall feel of the rest of the EP. Although Parra for Cuva has put his own stamp on the record, it remains emblematic of Aérotique’s vibrantly melodic style.

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Beatamines "Sounds very well. Not for my DJ sets but good music!"
Sello "thanks for the promo! gonna try it on the dance floor. Coco can't deny is my fav"
Darin Epsilon "Cool tracks, thanks for sending! I enjoyed Traumtänzer the most."
Neil Quigley “Lovely lovely EP again, always warm sounds from you guys. Gin Gin my favourite.”
Sam Gan "Hey thanks for the promo! Gin Gin is my pick off the EP"
Bis Boys Please "Cool Ep Good vibes from the beginning til the end Best Track - Unique"
HMWL "Lovely EP this time, especially Traumtanzer and Coco Can't Deny Master! Will review & promote!"
Tunnel FM "Cool package will support!"
Alex Esser "Lovely EP this time, especially Traumtanzer and Coco Can't Deny Master!"
MoRi "Pure Happiness, great work Patrick! ;)"

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