Vague Recollection Desire

Vague Recollection - Desire

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  • Format: Digital
  • Catalog Nr.: SM011
  • Release Date: December 13, 2014

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We proudly present our 11th release with promising producer duo based in Brighton - Vague Recollection. Vague Recollection's debut EP on sinnmusik*, ‘Desire’, intertwines a sultry bass-line, deep tension-building beats with irresistibly hypnotic vocals.

The EP also includes two quality remixes by Gustavo Rodrigues (PT) and Fasika (US).

Desire enters with a seductively light beat, quickly dropping you into its deeply jackin' bass- line and dreamy vocals. The rhythmic synth patterns and heavy beats cohesively thicken and thin in a creative interchange, giving way to an eccentric and soulful melody.

Gustavo Rodrigues takes 'Desire' to the next level, plunging deeper than the original, adding mesmerizing and spectral sounds. His remix gradually increases its sinister sounds, suddenly plunging into an acid bass-line and a heavy interchanging beat.

Fasika's 'Desire' emerges slowly through a delirious ambience bringing with it a cosmic melody, powerful kick, rude hats and a crunching clap. The musical pattern thickens and thins throughout the remix with additive percussive lines working to maintain a powerful and dynamic intensity.

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Eddy Romero "I will try original track thnks for the promo!"
ADRIAN "Great. Love it. Sinnmusik ;)"
Bis Boys Please "Best one for us is Desire (Original)"
Quentin van Honk "Will try Fasika remix! Thanks"

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