Fasika Renaissance

Fasika - Renaissance

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  • Format: Digital
  • Catalog Nr.: SM012
  • Release Date: February 10, 2014

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sinnmusik* welcome back, Fasika, for a follow up to his Warp EP. Due for release on the 10th of February, Renaissance is a colourful packet complete with remixes from the Netherlands based Quentin Van Honk and fellow label affiliate Aérotique working collaboratively with ShippeD.

Renaissance opens up with plodding, reverberated organ riffs that circle above a full and powerful kick. Sharp, accurate rhythms are layered and set galloping alongside shortened vocal chops and rich melodic variation. Sure but steady rises build a climbing intensity ripe for warm-up sets.

Quentin Van Honk's stripped, Tech-House take on the original layers playful, shuffling hats with crunching claps and pitched down vocal snippets. A taught and rubbery kick is paired alongside a rolling bass line as flecks of additive percussion push progress to the close.

Aerotique & ShippeD's celestial take on the original uses reverb to fill expansive space. A gently distorted kick pins a 4/4 pulse under live-sounding bongos as synths are subtly detuned to tense effect. Sax chops are delayed and warped alongside synth-swapping melodies in a revision that works to bolster the package as a varied and effective set of dance-floor tools.

Supported by:

Danny Daze “thumbs up”
M A N I K “Dope!”
Robbie Akbal “Quentin Van Hink remix is good”
Rick Maia “Great EP! Quentin Van Honk remix is massive but feeling whole EP. Thanks”
Ben Starr “bit cheesy, but all bangers. aerotique is nice but original is a lot of fun!”
Nick Luscombe “simple and effective!”
Nico Lahs “original for me.”
Mouj “Cool old skool vibe!"
Hubert Augustyniak “Love it.”
Alexander Parade “Liking the Quientin Van Honk Remix”
Philippe AUTUORI “Aerotique & ShippeD remix!!!”
Anna Wall “Deep korg baseline always a winner ! Original for me.”

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