Roman Mühlschlegel Cloudy Business

Roman Mühlschlegel – Cloudy Business

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  • Format: Digital
  • Catalog Nr.: SM013
  • Release Date: March 31, 2014

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This latest release turns to fledgling German producer Roman Mühlschlegel, who delivers with vintage aplomb courtesy of a very special release, Cloudy Business.

The EP features three dizzying, fresh house jams, all of which are cut from a vehement and discerning underground cloth.

Easing us in is the more than capable strands of 'Saturday Night Fever', Mühlschlegel's collaboration with fellow producer Gustl. Full of razor sharp, elongated synths and a smattering of simmering snares, this track is indicative of deep house in its truest form.

Middling effort 'Keep The Junction' wonderfully melds vintage house tropes with an unlikely vocal, before 'Left Behind' makes liberal use of the 909 in its search for acid-led kicks.

Make no mistake about it, Cloudy Business is a fascinating insight into a label that's most definitely going places.

Supported by:

Animal Trainer (HIVE, Stil Vor Talent) "Keep The Junction is superb...<3"
Chris Fortier (Bedrock, Thoughtless, Highway) "cool"
Horatio (Desolat, VIVa) "left behind is nice"
Horse Meat Disco (Severino) "pretty cool"
Lomez (Supplement Facts, Hypercolour) "digging the old school lofi drums, left behind is my pick."
Mark E (Young Adults, Running Back) "Nice old school ep!"
Maximilijan (Liebe*Detail, Area Remote) "sweet tracks! gonna try left behind. thanks"
Mirco Violi (Hypercolour, Catwash, OFF) "nice tracks."
Shir-i-Kan (Exploited Records) "Cool."
Todd G (Cerecs) "Left behind is so good”
Fred P (Underground Quality, Deconstruct) "Heavy vibes, full support..."
Bis Boys Please (sinnmusik* / PT) “‘Keep The Junction’ is a banger! Full Support. We really love this.“

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