Various Artists Back‘N’Front Vol.1

Adrian | Vague Recollection - Back‘N’Front Vol.1

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  • Format: Digital & Limited 12" Vinyl
  • Catalog Nr.: SM016/SINN004
  • Release Date: June 09, 2014

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Introducing a new series of 12”, various artist releases bringing together two auspicious names for the first installment; Barcelona based Adrian and collaborative duo, Vague Recollection. Starting as they mean to go on - the first in the series is a raucous concoction of rattling percussion and hefty low-end grooves.

Assimilating experience DJing alongside the likes of Detroit Swindle, Waze & Odyssey, Maxxi Soundsystem, and Ejeca, Adrian delivers Streetwise and In This World and in doing so effectively demonstrates his ability to channel energy toward production stamped with his own unique brand.

Streetwise kicks off with a potent mid-rich kick, sharply swung hats and clattering stick samples. Ghetto vocal snippets and twisted synth stabs are interweaved to generate a forceful, tumbling rhythm throughout.

In This World follows suit as chopped and churning percussive whacks are sat alongside piano stabs and more floor-ready bass sequences.

Hailing from Brighton - Vague Recollection jump in with Keep On and Bout This Time. Blending reverberated vocal chops, thickened synth stabs and forthright percussion, Keep On is aimed directly at for big-room dance floors while the galloping pace and rolling rhythms of Bout This Time work to bring an effective set of club tools to an enlivening close.

Supported by:

M A N I K (Ovum / Hot Creations / Culprit) “Streetwise is heavy as balls. Dig it”
Dubspeeka “great ep, keep on and bout this time tipping it for me”
Supernova (Tenax - 4Cento) “We will test. Thanks ;)”
hot since 82 (noir music) “wicked tracks”
Denite (Get Physical / Trapez / Sincopat) “Thanks for the music! :)”
RIVA STARR “Nice tracks Thx!”
Aidan Lavelle “Interesting sound.”
Tom The Jedi “Deeeeeep! Love it. Gonna play em for sure.”
NT89 “Love ‘Streetwise’, big EP!”
Animal Trainer (Hive Club) “In This World & Streetwise are TOP!"
Anthony Pappa “Cool EP. Best track here is "I Took Her Out for a 707".”
Shan McGinley (Rinse FM / Roundhouse Radio) “Love their stuff!”
Antonio Monllor (No Dough Music) “Great EP. All tracks work for me, Nice to hear the darker sides to house done so well. Will be showing love for this in all the right places.”
Friend Within “Great EP. So many intricate thing s going on plus wicked grooves”
Sam Divine (Defected) “cool vibes!”

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