Audio Units Memory Replay

Audio Units - Memory Replay

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  • Format: Digital
  • Catalog Nr.: SM018
  • Release Date: September 08, 2014

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The dynamic double that is Audio Units, hails from India’s thriving metropole Bangalore. With their city being dubbed the “City of Possibilities”, it is the guys taking chances as such. With their flawless and effortlessly cool house-sound, the Live/DJ- duo boasts analogue flavour, and keeps remembering us of how enlightening electronic music can be! With slight hints to the past, classic chord sounds plus cooled out grooves, they won hearts at the sinnmusik* camp.
Their EP will ensure to get a replay in memories and on the floors!

Showing a delicate feel for grooves n melodies, „Memory Replay“ is a cleverly addictive track. Its overall classic feel reminded us of the works of Boo Williams. The chord’s playfulness never drifts too far astray from the floor, as it sits on some solid funk-fueled bass. Audio Units’ musical mastership makes up for a standout, yet universal ‚tool of cool’!

Self-assured as an old classic! Citing one of Chi-town’s hymns, the sounds here equally show the Chicago and Detroit heritage the brothers look up to and have studied. Bubbly yet elegant, this one will shuffle some hips and start the night. Oh... and should there be no crowd yet: celebrate the music, that’s exactly what Audio Units do!

Color Ray deals with the expertise of the original’s matter in orderly fashion. Stripping the blue notes and chord excursions to keep it more loopy and straight. Firing up the beat a little, but keeping the epic vibe and enhancing the trance for your minds. Finally this version turns out to be a flight like trip itself!

Supported by:

Animal Trainer “Chicago Shuffle is a beast! Animal Trainer”
Stacey Pullen “cool will try thanks”
Franco Bianco (Hypercolour) “Huge one! Thanks for the music! :)))”
Piemont (Terminal M, Area Remote ) “Great vibes on this one --- Merci!”
Benoit C “Chicago Shuffle for me”
Joyce Muniz (fm4 / Exploited) “nice ep ! thanks for sending”
Sam Divine (Defected) “sounds good!”
Dr. Motte “deep house with a vibe! memory replay color ray rmx 4 me. will try at my next house set.”
Mark knights (Toolroom Radio) “NICEEEE BEATS!!”
Vanilla Ace “Memory Replay original is cool”
Bara Bröst (BBE Records) “WOW!!! wicked!”
Bruno (Koma) “well deserved 5 star EP, all three tracks are excellent”

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