Fasika Atari

Fasika - Atari

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  • Format: Digital
  • Catalog Nr.: SM019
  • Release Date: October 06, 2014

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DC US house and techno maestro Fasika rewinds his style once again for sinnmusik*. The talented producer shows front to back where he is at. Mixing the heavy as much as heavenly vibe of analogue house and techno from early days with heavy doses of euphoria and nostalgia. His far-from-your-average- arrangement shines powerful, sweeping floors in style and soulful yet radical manner!
The remixe(r)s at hand had so much sound to (dis)cover, leading their interpretations in fresh directions.

As per usual, Fasika effortlessly links a whole battery of electronic genres. The title reminisces on the earliest days of computer music. When techno, house and breaks lived under the same warehouse roof. Jackin’ out the box is a rough and ready beat, as dusty as polished, carrying Fasika’s trademark-ish layers of full on chords, square bass and strong strings. Musical? Yes! In the sense of moving bodies, marshaled to the floor. A refined delivery of a dynamic old school mover, you can trust in this Atari!

The infamous Bis Boys Please strip the playfulness of Fasika’s original down. To a low slung, minimal beat, on which the chords and string notes wail a little longer and way deeper. Basically, they drag the Original in some rrreal dark basement. Adding some driving clap fire, they ensure the belief in house music’s blissful, raw power!

The second remix takes yet a different toll. Whedler refixes the deeper side of things with “Atari”. The beat is crystalline. Deephouse with a slight analogue touch in groovin’, grainy chords, bleep-ish atmospheres and an overall stirring effect on both souls and feet. Elegantly, this close the versatile three-track EP, offering a chance to even get away with an “Atari” warm up!

Supported by:

Franco Bianco (Hypercolour, Multivitamins, Dilek) “Huge one! :)"
Sam Divine (Defected) “sounds good!”
Animal Trainer (Hive Club) “Bis Boys Please rework = TOP"
Vanilla Ace "Cool"
Bara Bröst (BBE Records) “Cool - will try Bis Boys Please Rework!”
Less Hate (Kindisch / King Street) “ohhh huge :)”
Forest People “support!”
Stacey Pullen “cool will try thanks”
Pathaan "Vibes!"
Hank & Deck "Whedler's Warehouse Remix is pretty tasty!"

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