Various Artists Back'N'Front Vol.2

Roman Mühlschlegel | King of Rats - Back'N'Front Vol.2

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  • Format: Digital
  • Catalog Nr.: SM020
  • Release Date: October 27, 2014

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After a stunning series of releases by the likes of Roman Mühlschlegel, King Of Rats, Fasika and Georgi Barrel, Barcelona-based label sinnmusik* continue where they left off here in the quality stakes. This time around, however, it's an altogether different proposition, as the label gathers up some of their favourite producers (including the aforementioned names), on an EP that leaves a stunning impression thanks to its virtuoso house tones.

It's the unusually monikered King Of Rats who's first up. Their collab with vocalist Krystal is a sumptuous and refined track, the likes of which keeps the atmosphere at a taut level throughout. Cascading synths and refined percussion are the order of the day, and this one is as unusual as it is captivating. Baldo's so-called 'Dirty' remix is exactly that. Banging and with a sense of unwavering disorder at its core, this one will test the bass bins like few others.

The B-side kicks off with the aforementioned Roman Mühlschlegel, who once more impresses us with his propensity for the deep on 'Twisting Winds'. The sort of glowing house track that forces parallels with say, a Fred P reshape, it marks a standout moment on a standout release. After this comes the EP's swansong, an acid filled take on the latter by Georgi Barrel & Niclas. The perfect method with which to sign off the EP, this is a wonderful tale of two halves if ever there was one.

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Dj Sneak "twisting winds is great."
Chris Fortier (Bedrock, Thoughtless, Highway) "tight"
Carlos Sanchez (Poker Flat, 8bit) "Gifted original for me, nice one.. thanks!"
Maximilijan (Liebe*Detail, Area Remote) "sweet tracks! baldos remix is really nice! thx"
Sandrino (Innervisions) "nice deep vibes, thanks"
Sasha (Last Night on Earth, Renaissance, GU) "Roman Mühlschlegel’s ‘Twisting Winds (Georgi Barrel & Niclas Remix)’ is cool"
Tensnake (Mirau, Permanent Vacation) "nice atmospheres, great to listen to!"
Todd G (Cerecs) "Very strong package Im loving the vocal and Twisting Winds!"

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