Fasika Swing Mode

Fasika - Swing Mode

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  • Format: Digital
  • Catalog Nr.: SM028
  • Release Date: April 13, 2015

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Celebrating his 5th release on sinnmusik* Washington (DC) based producer/remixer Fasika returns with a five track old school Garage House EP coined 'Swing Mode'. 4 tracks with Fasika's signature sound and a smooth interpretation by Georgi Barrel on the title track.

Supported by:

Troy Pierce (Items & Things) “really like the once again track, nice.”
Dr. Motte (PRAXXIZ records) “timeless release!"
Sammy W and Alex E (CUFF / 8Bit / Tobus Ltd) “Nice work, thanks”
Vanilla Ace “The George Barrel remix is lush”
Sei A (Turbo/Aus Music/Seinan Music/Kompakt) “Georgi Barrel mix is nice”
Robert Owen "Cool Tracks."
Oscar Barila (Trapez/Bedrock/My Little Dog) “Georgi Barrel remix is right up my alley”
Flashmob (Get Physical Music) “will try”
Paco Osuna “Will try thanks ;)”
Animal Trainer (Hive Club) “Once again is my fav one of this EP..."
Rich Wakley (Roush / Definition) “Like the vibes except Barracuda”
Lars Wickinger (So What Music) “Nice Oldscholl Sound here! Thx!”
Gunman (Shaker Plates/weplayminimal) “Double Clutch (Georgi Barrel Remix) is a big tune - old school!”
Forest People “support”
Francois Bresez & El Marco “Nice house grooves”
The Deepshakerz “Cool stuff here!!”
Sascha Riot (Intacto/My Favourite Freaks) “Double Clutch Original for me. Thx!”
Manuel Sahagun “Once again is my pick!”

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