Toefflinger Bazar

Toefflinger - Bazar

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  • Format: Digital
  • Catalog Nr.: SM034
  • Release Date: October 12, 2015

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We are extremely excited to introduce the young talented Toefflinger to our label. Highly recommended by our friendly face Georgi Barrel, we have been teased with the delightful skills of sticking true to the foundation rules of house music on this his ‘Bazar’ EP.

To begin with things, the untouched and beautifully produced ‘Bazar’ certainly draws out the groove from the youthful days of house. It goes without question after a sudden clash of break-beat and bass, the sheer skill and thought taken into producing this track.

Toefflinger injects color and soul with ‘Got The Love’, leaving no mistake to feed a catchy vocal and infectious hook alongside a punchy four to the floor only to show his creative resourcefulness.

sinnmusik* mainstay Georgi Barrel spearheads the remix front with this classic dusty warm cut. The track magically breaks mid-way to feature the spectacle sound of what floating notes, pads, airy vocals and hi-hats can bring.

The spectrum gets more dynamic with Roman Mühlschlegel, as he proves how effective an up-tempo rhythm can be with crisp hi-hats, claps and kicks working hand-in-hand throughout. Stabbing chords and minimalistic usage of the vocal make this a dancefloor ready cut, ready to play.

With little hesitation Toefflinger introduces the fiercest track of this package last. ‘Searchin'’ is a late-night stomper with perfect intensity and drive that will add to any dance floor atmosphere.

Fasika is one to surprise when it comes down to crafting a thumping background beat. He polishes things off in his remix with a series of delayed echo vocals and sources all levels of the track to flow continuously.

Supported by:

Sam Vanilla Ace (Toolroom / OFF recordings / LouLou / Erase / Nurvous / Suara) "Strong set of tracks, Bazar and Got the Love stand out for me"
Robert Owens (Trax / Musical Directions) "Nice tracks"
Tuff Dub (Simma Black / Deep Freeze / Beat Crew) "good ep"
ManooZ (Morris Audio / Extended Play / Housewax / ALiVE / Tomorrow Is Now Kid) "i really like that Georgi Barrel Remix, stands pretty much out! killer bassline and wounderful synths on top!"
Terence Terry (La Vie En Rose / Get Physical / Lola Ed) "Good release!"
Alessio Collina (Trend Records / Be As One / ViVa Music) "roman mix for me thnx"
Jamie Trench (Roots For Bloom / Tsuba / VIVa / Kaluki) "Got The Love is cool :)"
Truth Be Told (Avotre / Roush) "Bazar & Searchin' (Original Mix) both stand out tracks for us here, thanks for the music"
Steve Menta (LX Music / Undergroove Music) "Nice pack, thanks for sending, Roman Muehlschlegel Remix is my personal pick."
Mad Villains (Love & Other / Disco Kicks / Hustler Trax) "deep shit"
DJ Ionik (Traveller Records / Kojak Giant Sounds) "Very solid EP, will support - Fasika Remix my fave ;) "
David Moran (InnerCity Records / Roots For Bloom / Käse Kool) "Really nice selection of tracks here, my fave is defo the Georgi Barrel remix. Thanks"
Audio Stunts & Mahumba (Ton Liebt Klang / Shaker Plates / Beatwax) "Yeah, proper release! We'll try Bazar. Thx"
Jamie George (Rinse / Fat! / Vocalist) "Georgi Barrel mix is wicked."
Pathaan (Globetronica) "Great !"

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