Fewture & Freddie Glitch New Horizons

Fewture & Freddie Glitch - New Horizons

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  • Format: Digital
  • Catalog Nr.: SM035
  • Release Date: November 09, 2015

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sinnmusik* proudly brings you Amsterdam finest Fewture & Freddie Glitch’s debut EP. The two combine an interesting mix of influences crafting a new original sound on this one.

The duo gets things rolling with the headlining track 'New Horizons', airy pads layer the mood over a heavy marching snare, whilst a gradual dreamy melody smoothly sucks you into the groove.

Up next is the four-to-the-floor track 'Static', accelerating and stabbing faded sirens, wonky shifted notes fused with swift 'Static' ghetto vocals really gets you locked in on this one.

sinnmusik*'s mystery man G.Markus injects swing and groove right from the very start of his cut, hiccuping beats and vocals designed for discerning floors everywhere.

Young talented Toefflinger brings a ravier approach by sharpening the beat and tuning jerky drops, progressive and bass heavy this track will surely bring the late night crowd alive.

James Benedict delivers a more textured approach, stitching together a solid dance floor groove with a chunky acid flavoured drive, that surely will stand out in any set.

Bringing the EP to a close is 'Under the Rainbow' a magically crafted track. Crisp round kicks and snappy claps give a punchy base, when a sudden series of wavey synths flip the track to fluctuate a techy substance.

Supported by:

Shadow Child (Polydor / Food Music / Rinse FM) "static is cool.. need more listens!"
Alle Farben "Really great tracks!"
Nachtbraker (Dirt Crew Recordings / Heist Recordings / Apparel Music) "Static original for me here. cool package!"
Waze & Odyssey (w&o Street Tracks) "Supporting!"
Ben Lewis & Sam Wigg Winfield (Real Nice) "very interesting, keep it up"
Sam Vanilla Ace (Toolroom / OFF recordings / LouLou / Erase / Nurvous / Suara) "G Markus remix is cool"
Jamie George (Rinse / Fat! / Vocalist) "under the rainbow is wicked"
Archie Hamilton (Moscow Records / FUSE / Arkityp) "Nice, thanks ;-)"
ManooZ (Morris Audio / Extended Play / Housewax / ALiVE / Tomorrow Is Now Kid) "Toefflinger Remix is great, thanks!"
Sossa (Circoloco DC10 Ibiza / Garbant Wave Rec.) "nice release full support"
Altern-8 (DS93 / Mutate / Balkan Vinyl / Rhythmic Science / Flatline Deep) "Love the oldskool style of New Horizons, wicked loose 909"
Maximiljan (Moon Harbour / Mobilee / Liebe*Detail) "Static original is strong, thx "
Santero (Ministry of Sound / Simma Black) "Love the jacking swing to it!"
Roman Muehlschlegel (sinnmusik* / Soul Estate / Big Bait) "very diverse! nice! love the originals."
Dani (D-Bird / Select*Elect) "Static (Toefflinger) and Under the Rainbow both are dope tracks! Real groovie on those tracks!!"
Martin (Seven Eleven Records / Polydor-Zeitgeist / Fittipaldi Records) "New Horizons for me!!!"
Joal (Monog Records / Knee Deep In Sound) "Very good package! Will play Under the Rainbow for sure, thanks!"
Baldo (Neovinyl / Good Ratio Music / Razzmatazz) "All the originals are dope!! specially New Horizons... great work there!"
Alex Mallios (Love Harder Records) "very cool package guys. new horizons & under the rainbow are my favs here. full support from munich with love"
Guydee (Lagaffe Tales / Frole / Deep Wit) "Well done! James Benedict killing dancefloor viber"
Nuno (Something Different Records) "Under The Rainbow is right up my alley...great EP"
Rick Maia (FACT / Kina Music / Serkal / Inwave Affiliation) "Thank you guys, nice tracks!"
Sista Stroke (Dust Traxx / PrivatBox / Black Liquid Music / Mother Tongue) "G. Markus killed this remix!!"
David Moran (InnerCity Records / Roots For Bloom / Käse Kool) "Liking the vibe of Static (Original Mix) nice work!"
James Morrison (Alfresco Disco / Roots For Bloom) "Oh Yeah - Under The Rainbow! (J.Morrison)"
Mad Villains (Love & Other / Disco Kicks / Hustler Trax) "under the rainbow is cool!"
Guardate (Love Harder) "New Horizons has a great vibe!"
Wilson Sousa (Toolroom / Nurvous Records / Armada Music) "James Benedict remix for me, thanks for sending"
Marcus Raute (Plastic City / Piston Recordings / Seven Music) "Amazing Ep!! Thank you"
Jero Nougues (Savoir Faire Musique / DeepClass Records) "Really liking the Original and James Benedict's versions of Static, nicely done!"
Gustavo Rodrigues (Stereo Addiction) "Solid release, keep up the great work!! Thanks!"

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